Moving on a Budget

While moving into a new home or apartment often comes with the excitement of new surroundings, moving on a budget takes planning and can get stressful rather quickly.

Make Your Moving Budget

Estimate how much your move will cost by considering what factors affect your moving costs. Most moving companies offer a base rate no matter how much you’re moving but add on by the hour. Ask if they charge extra for specialty items as some will charge a fee to remove bulky items for you. 

Avoid Moving During Peak Seasons

Peak moving season in the US is between April and September. If you can, schedule your move during the winter instead of the summer, and your moving budget will benefit. When there is lower demand moving companies and services may reduce prices on rentals and may throw in a few extras like bungee cords, box cutters, or hand trucks during your move.
During peak seasons, it seems like everyone is moving and everyone needs the same equipment you need! It’s often difficult to get a guaranteed booking of the right size truck or trailer, team, enough dollies, moving blankets, etc. during this time. Save yourself loads of stress by moving during the winter if possible.

Consider Renting a Truck/Trailer

The cheapest way to move locally is by DIY as much as possible which saves a ton of money when moving on a budget. Add up how much it’d cost you to move yourself and compare it to hiring professional movers.

Do you own a truck, a vehicle that can tow, or know someone who does? Yes? Great! Rent a trailer to tow your items and save even more on your moving budget. This option is especially great for long-distance moves that also are moving multiple vehicles.

6′ x 12′ Cargo Trailer can fit a 1 to 2-bedroom apartment, packed right. However, if you’re moving a whole house or have a lot of bulky furniture this option won’t work for you.

Uhaul’s largest moving truck rental size is 26 feet, which is enough for a 3 to 4-bedroom home. You can cut long-distance moving costs down by driving your own moving truck.

Move Cheaply by Downsizing

What is the best tip for moving on a budget? Cut down on how much bulky furniture you’re moving. Getting rid of items before you move lowers the amount of time loading the truck, which also saves money if you’re paying movers by the hour. What’s more, your moving truck rental could be smaller and cost less which helps make moving house on a budget feasible.

Donate, Recycle, or Hire a Junk Removal Service

Make sure you donate items in good condition that you don’t use anymore. For everything else that doesn’t get purchased or can’t be reused, properly dispose of them yourself by dropping them off for recycling or hiring a junk removal company.

Junk removal companies like Golden State Junk Removal will remove any unwanted items from anywhere on your property to help you downsize before a big move. We provide transparent upfront prices through online booking so you can skip on-site estimates during busy times like this and have eco-friendly experts figure out green disposal solutions for you.

Hiring a junk hauler is a great help during a move as it makes downsizing fast and keeps your disposal choices eco friendly without putting an extra strain on your day-to-day.