How to Get Rid of Old Furniture

Old furniture can quickly fill up your home, apartment, garage, or basement. The more unused furniture you have sitting around, the more your space can feel cluttered with items you don’t want but don’t know how to remove. Old furniture disposal can be a pain. It’s difficult to carry, difficult to transport, and difficult to know how where to get rid of it.

While all this furniture may have served a purpose at one time or another, what do you do when you’re ready to get rid of it? Call Golden State Junk Removal Now! 

The Inside Scoop on Furniture Removals

Thankfully, Golden State Junk Removal is your junk removal expert, and we know all the ins and outs of furniture removal to make the process easier for you! You have more options than sending your old furniture to the local landfill.

Here’s the inside scoop on how to get rid of old furniture and where you can take it!

Donate Your Old Furniture

While your primary goal of removing your old furniture is probably to declutter your home, you can help someone else in the process! Instead of simply throwing away your gently used furniture, donating it is a great solution to free up some space in your home and allow someone else to enjoy it in theirs!

Remember that even if you don’t use it anymore, need it anymore, or if it doesn’t match your style anymore that doesn’t mean it won’t be the perfect addition for someone else! Plus, donated furniture is often free or discounted at your local donation center so that people can save money!

Furniture donation is much more sustainable than throwing it out and adding to the ever-growing landfills. Pick an option that’s eco-friendly and helps the community!

What Types of Furniture can be Donated?

Not all furniture can and should be donated. However, most donation centers and charitable organizations will provide lists of what they are accepting at that time. These lists change periodically depending on needs and inventory. Check the lists or call to ensure your donation is needed.

Here are some common types of furniture that you can donate:

  • Old sofa
  • Old office furniture
  • Old chair
  • Old home decor
  • Old wooden furniture
  • Old carpets
  • Old coffee tables and side tables
  • Old light fixtures
  • Old mattresses

How to Decide if You Should Donate Your Furniture

Before donating your furniture, it’s essential to assess its condition and decide if it’s worth donating. You only want to donate furniture that someone else could use, not just because you don’t like it anymore.

Ask yourself some of these questions to help you decide. Depending on your response, you may want to pick a different furniture removal option, but not always. Use good judgment!

Furniture Donation Questions

  • Is it broken?
  • Is it clean?
  • Does it smell?
  • Is it usable?

Where to Donate Your Furniture

Many places accept furniture donations in your community. You can decide which one you’d like to donate your furniture to depending on what they need, what they take, and what they support!

Places to Donate Your Furniture


Sell Your Used Furniture

Another great option to get rid of old furniture is to consider selling it! Why not make extra money and get something you no longer need off your hands? Even if you don’t use the furniture anymore, someone else might love to buy it for a good deal and add it to their home!

Many different platforms and creative ideas make selling furniture easier than you may think! Whether you host a garage sale or post it on social media, buyers will typically come to you to pay and pick up the furniture, so you don’t need to worry about transportation.

Ways to Sell Your Furniture

While traditional methods like yard sales or selling your furniture to a consignment shop are still common, many people have decided to start selling their furniture on social media platforms. Social selling platforms allow sellers to negotiate prices, filter by item, and offer their furniture to a larger group of potential buyers.

You can make money by selling your furniture in one of these ways.

  • Host a Garage Sale
  • Post it on Craigslist
  • Post it on Facebook Marketplace
  • Post it to Your Social Media Platforms
  • Furniture Consignment Shops
  • Selling to Used Furniture Stores

Hire a Junk Removal Company

Do you have a large amount of old furniture that you want to get rid of but feel stuck because you can’t sell or move it yourself? Hiring a junk removal service Like Golden State Junk Removal, could be the best option for larger projects to save time and help you get the job done quickly!

Golden State Junk Removal services take the pressure off you to figure out how to remove furniture items from your home, transport them, and where to take them. While it comes at a cost, a junk removal service might be the best option to declutter your space!

Pros of Hiring a Junk Removal Service

  • They do all the heavy lifting for you
  • They take all of the furniture pieces you want to get rid of
  • They donate or recycle the items
  • They haul away the furniture in their trucks

Book your appointment now with Golden State Junk Removal to save time and money!