Cardboard Removal Services

Eco-Friendly Cardboard Removal, Box Pickup, & Disposal

Your cardboard boxes probably aren’t of much use to you after you’ve unpacked. Keeping them around can easily attract roaches and other bugs. Breaking them all down yourself just to throw them in the trash is not environmentally friendly. Instead, let us take all your boxes off your hands today!

Cardboard Box Recycling

The junk hauling pros at Golden State Junk Removal take any and all cardboard boxes and make sure they are donated, recycled, reused, or disposed of in an earth-friendly way. You never have to wonder where to get cardboard box recycling near you. Don’t struggle with cardboard boxes any more!

Upfront &
Honest Pricing

Cardboard Removal Services don’t have to break the bank! Golden State keeps prices affordable by being upfront, fair, and honest.

  • FREE Cardboard Removal Quote: Each job is unique. We’ll provide a free, no-obligation quote before getting started. 
  • All Inclusive: Our pricing includes all labor, disposal, and fees. You’ll never be surprised when it’s time to pay.
  • Volume-Based:  You’ll only ever pay for how much junk you have. That’s all! No job is too big or small for our professional haulers.

Golden State Cardboard Removal:

Golden State Junk Removal is your local go-to source for cardboard box pick-up, cardboard removal, and cardboard recycling. Moving comes with a lot of hassles, let us take the task of removing all of your cardboard boxes off your shoulders so you can relax and decorate your new home.

Get Your Cardboard Removed Today!

Have your junk cleaned up for you by the best junk removal near you!