What Should You Do With E-Waste?

We love our electronic gadgets, and it’s hard to imagine life without them. Unfortunately, they all reach the end of their lifecycle and will need to be discarded. Some waste haulers will not take them, which means they tend to sit around and accumulate in your garage, shed, or closet. Garden State Junk Removal in Roseville, CA can help you unburden yourself from e-waste and reclaim your space!

Why You Should Dispose of Your E-Waste with Golden State Junk Removal

You might not be aware that it is a bad idea to put electronics in the regular trash. Some waste haulers will not even allow you to do so, and it is illegal in some states. The reason why you cannot throw electronics in the regular trash is that they contain hazardous materials like lead, arsenic, and cadmium.

The average big-screen television contains as much as eight pounds of lead alone. Electronic waste accounts for as much as 40% of the heavy metals that are in landfills today. These substances can cause serious damage to the ecosystem if they end up in a landfill that is not equipped to handle them. Electronics that you should not throw in the trash include:

• Old televisions and screens

• Computers and laptops

• Cell phones

• Printers and other peripherals

• Old DVDs and CDs

• Batteries from electronic devices

Golden State Junk Removal is licensed to accept all types of your e-waste and will dispose of it properly for you.

Why Choose Golden State Junk Removal

You can call us for a quote before you schedule your appointment. We can help you if you only have a single piece of electronic equipment to be picked up or if you are a business that is replacing your entire network and need to dispose of the old ones. We provide free estimates and will give you an upfront price that includes everything. Our prices are competitive, and you will never have any hidden costs.

If you choose to accept our estimate, we have convenient scheduling and can get the job completed quickly. Many electronics can be repurposed or recycled. Whenever possible, we recycle or donate as much as possible. We are committed to responsible disposal, and that is the most important reason why you should choose us.

Contact Golden State Junk Removal

Golden State Junk Removal will take your e-waste and dispose of it safely. We take many other types of waste as well; Golden State will remove your yard waste, mattresses, appliances, hot tubs, and construction debris. If you need waste removal of any kind, contact us, and we will be happy to help.