5 Tips To Prepare for the Holiday Clean-up

The holidays are an exciting time of the year as families come together to enjoy quality time. While holidays are a great time for trips, fun, get-togethers, and relaxation, major cleaning projects are also taken up at this time of the year since people get a break from work. Holiday cleaning can be very satisfying if you complete the clean-up tasks that have been pending for a while. The initial thought of an extensive cleaning process may appear tiring and cumbersome, but need not be so if you prepare in advance. Here are a few useful tips to tackle your clean-up process efficiently.

Planning Always Helps

It is vital to come up a practical plan in advance and go about the process in an organized way. Trying to get the entire house cleaned in a day will make it chaotic. Plan every day in a manner that one particular area is taken up and cleaned thoroughly. This ensures sufficient time is given to do a neat job. Cleaning one place at a time gives you adequate space and time to sort things that are useful from the unnecessary ones that can be kept separately for disposal.

Having the Right Equipment and Necessary Supplies

Work becomes much easier when you have the right tools and supplies. Make a list of everything you need according to the place you are cleaning before starting the process. Every place has different requirements to be cleaned effectively. For example, the cleaning liquid used for wiping windows and surfaces might not work on table tops and carpets. Keep your vacuum cleaner, wiper, duster, and other cleaning materials ready before starting to clean up.

Less Is More

A clean-up is pointless if you simply wipe away the dust and keep accumulating items that you seldom use. Keep an open mind and segregate items that need to be donated, discarded, and replaced. A holiday clean-up is also the best time to clear up unnecessary items that have been lying in your store room/attic for long. Store rooms and backyards are places that cannot be cleaned on a single day, so be sure to spread it out over a sufficient number of days.

Be Thorough‚ÄĒAll the Way!

The first step towards doing a good job is to start early. Do not procrastinate since you will have to cram the cleaning process into a shorter period then. A quick tour of the house will give you an idea about what needs to be done and where. The areas with maximum movement could be an ideal place to start. During the cleaning process, remember to check the quality of all the major utilities at your place including your appliances, couches, mattresses, etc and consider if they need a replacement. Deep cleaning is necessary, especially in difficult areas such as under the couch or behind the fridge to ensure every nook and cranny is cleaned properly.

Dispose of Your Junk in a Responsible Manner

The junk at your place must be disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. Items that can be recycled should not be thrown away with other trash. Non-recyclable items should be disposed of safely. It is recommended that you utilize professional hauling and junk removal services since they not only save you time and energy but also make the process of disposal neat, hassle-free, and environmentally responsible.

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