Cleaning out your desk

The sudden urge to clean your desk out for it to be in a state where you can be at your highest productivity can be exciting. So go ahead and get started with these tips before you lose that energy and get distracted in doing something else. With these tips, you can clean out and …

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Hire Golden State Junk Removal to do the heavy lifting

3 Significant Back Injuries Caused by Lifting Incorrectly

Did you know that many back strains occur during everyday activities while exercising, at work or moving items? The most common cause of back injury is from lifting. The strain from lifting, twisting the spine, lifting from the ground, or an item overhead are common causes of back strain. There are three significant back injuries that can be caused by improper …

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Moving on a Budget

While moving into a new home or apartment often comes with the excitement of new surroundings, moving on a budget takes planning and can get stressful rather quickly. Make Your Moving Budget Estimate how much your move will cost by considering what factors affect your moving costs. Most moving companies offer a base rate no matter how much …

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How to Get Rid of Old Furniture

Old furniture can quickly fill up your home, apartment, garage, or basement. The more unused furniture you have sitting around, the more your space can feel cluttered with items you don’t want but don’t know how to remove. Old furniture disposal can be a pain. It’s difficult to carry, difficult to transport, and difficult to …

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